2014 Tours with Successful Authors


  • Have you written a manuscript that you’d like to see published, but you know it needs the perspective of a professional editor?
  • Maybe you've got a short story you know you could sell if only you could get some constructive feedback. 
  • Would you like a vacation amid castles and megalithic tombs, faerie forests and soothing blue lakes? 
Then come venture down The Road Less Traveled, and get the vacation of your dreams, along with individualized advice from a professional author or editor, all at a price that would normally cover either a professional edit OR a vacation.

Your tour package will include private conferences, group classes, workshops, and individual partial manuscript critique. 

In between those classes and conferences, you’ll have all-day or partial-day tours with a professional guide of the most famous, infamous, well-known, and hidden sites in the west of Ireland. From cliffs that soar 700 feet above the Atlantic, to a 12th century castle, to the forest said to be home of the King of the Faeries of Connaught, to the prehistoric dun fort on the island of Inis Mor . . . and that’s just a few of the beautiful places you’ll visit. After these busy tour and writing days, you can have leisurely evening meals with other writers, listen to stories before a fire, or just cozy up with a book.

This year, there are three different Writers' Retreat Tours to choose from:

Mystery Writing & Series Crafting Retreat
June 1st through 8th 2014--with successful author Susan Spann

Editing Writers Retreat
July 6th through 13th 2014--with successful author and editor, Heather Webb
Best-Selling Author Writers Retreat
September 7th through 14th 2014--with best-selling author, Stephanie Cowell

This isn’t one of those tours where you’ll board a giant bus at an ugly-early hour to visit a crowded site with thirty-five strangers. The Writers’ Retreats are intimate tours of no more than a dozen people, offering individualized attention. 

So come visit The Road Less Traveled and let the land that inspired William Butler Yeats, Anne Enright, Oscar Wilde, Roddy Doyle, C.S.Lewis and John Banville . . . inspire you.